The Lives of Many

The Kingdom of Tecimpra, rich with farmland. Farmland so lush and fertile, year after year it has produced Bukarel’s best produce. Fruits, vegetables, grains, whatever planted in the fields of this kingdom seem to overflow with flavor and life.

The Kingdom of Necendra, though its lands are rough and wild with the Hunters Folly noting the end of its terrain, this Kingdom happens to produce the best livestock. From eggs and milk, to meats and cheese, if you want something caught in the forests of The Folly, or raised on the farms just before them, Necendra is where you go.

Between the two lands lay the Desert of Wastes. Previously thought to be a wealthy Kingdom, brokering peace between its two neighbors, now only whispers of what once were, remain.

Journey to the Northeast and you can find yourself on the island of the lost. Anyone that dares step foot on the island are doomed never to find their way off, if they ever make it there to begin with. Despite its dangers, rumors spread about a magic tree that hold the secrets of the very birth of this land.

To the south rests the small quiet kingdom of Pfyrille, thought to be the birth of magic itself, The Tower holds Bukarel’s greatest Mage school.

What adventures lie within this realm? What stories are to be brewed, heroes to be forged? What plans will be put into motion?

What plans already are?

The Lives of Many

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